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The design of the electronic control system should meet the electrical (apparatus) safety design requirements of the painting equipment, fire and explosion protection, operational reliability, ease of operation, maintainability, and technological advancement should be considered. The complete set of equipment should be equipped with independent electrical control Cabinet, electrical control operation adopts man-machine interface PLC program controller, the control cabinet is arranged in the designated place, the control cabinet should be fully functional, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
Equipped with main power supply control for the robot painting equipment system, which effectively protects against overcurrent, short circuit, overload, and faults. Control heating and automatic constant temperature control of the oven, and automatically turn off the heating device when over-temperature or hot air circulation fan fails. Sound and light alarm. The conveying control adopts frequency conversion stepless speed change, which has stable operation, safety and reliability, and no jitter and crawling phenomenon. There are emergency stop switches inside and outside the paint spraying room, and alarm devices for opening and stopping the line. The entire system is equipped with safety protection devices and emits sound and light alarms. For the control of the spraying robot, manually select the product model and send a signal to the robot control cabinet. During this period, it will interlock with the spraying room and conveying signals; the PLC calls the relevant spraying trajectory to complete the spraying operation.
The electric control system of the robot painting equipment adopts PLC automatic control, and can also be operated manually, equipped with automatic and manual operation gears. Manual control is used for device debugging and maintenance; automatic control has the function of automatically starting, running, switching and stopping. After a failure, the power can be automatically cut off to ensure safe operation and production. The system equipment PLC needs to support RS232/RS485 interface, network port, protocol and TCP communication mode, and also needs to have the secondary development function, which can report the production content of the automatic painting equipment to the upper computer.
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