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The spray booth used for robot automatic spray painting is mainly composed of chamber body, lighting device, air supply/exhaust system, workpiece track, electrical control, jacking device, six-axis spraying robot, spray gun, paint mist filter and corresponding number of dry powder fire extinguishers And other composition.
The robot spray booth is welded and assembled with stainless steel square tubes and stainless steel plates with a thickness of not less than 1.5mm. The strength, firmness and reliability required for full load carrying of the conveyor line should be ensured. It is equipped with a 10mm tempered glass observation port and a separate inspection door. Keep negative pressure (50~150Pa) in the painting room, equipped with 2 explosion-proof six-axis spraying robots.
A constant pressure room is set on the top of the automatic paint spraying room, and fresh air is evenly fed into the entire top, and the wind speed is not less than 0.3m/s. The fan adopts industrial products, the fan adopts explosion-proof fan, and the paint spray room adopts a closed design with good lighting. The lighting facilities in the paint spraying room should be reasonably arranged for easy maintenance. The lighting fixtures must be explosion-proof and prevent paint fog adhesion. The illuminance in the painting room is greater than 400LX. The entrance and exit of the painting room should be equipped with automatic closing doors to prevent the paint mist generated during painting from escaping. The entrance and exit doors and lifting devices should be associated with the robot and the conveyor suspension chain control system. After the workpiece reaches the predetermined position, the door is closed and the lifting device When the jacking is in place, the robot starts the painting operation; after the robot finishes painting and resets and the jacking device is reset, the door is opened and the workpiece conveying suspension chain starts to run.
The robot spray booth should be equipped with an identification system, and the workpiece will be sprayed automatically according to the identification system. The paint spray booth suction system sends the exhaust gas to the paint mist filter system, and the exhaust gas is sent to the exhaust gas treatment system through the exhaust gas collection pipe for treatment to achieve the standard discharge. The air volume of the suction system should meet the wind speed requirements of the section in the spray booth. The spray booth should be equipped with two spray painting systems (one for each robot). When two spray robots are required to operate at the same time, they cannot interfere with each other. The spray booth is equipped with automatic protection functions such as combustible gas detector and concentration alarm. When the sound and light alarm signal is issued, the control system can automatically cut off the power supply.
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