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Welding robot must not be maintained daily Less, so how should it be maintained? The following is an introduction to the daily maintenance precautions of the welding robot.
Welding robot
1. The moving parts, guide rails and rollers of the welding robot should be greased, and the closed transmission parts should be greased to Keep the parts moving flexibly; the focus is on the maintenance of the flat wheel and eccentric wheel parts, ensuring their tightness and ensuring the horizontal arm movement is straight.

2. Frequently check and clean the guide rails, sliding frames, lead screws and nuts and other moving parts to prevent dust accumulation and scattering Flux and other sundries affect the flexible movement of moving parts. It is not allowed to collide or wear the joint surface of each sliding guide. Frequently check the wear of key moving parts such as the lead screw and rack, and repair or replace if any problems are found, and lift the nut.

3. The chain in the welding robot is a vulnerable part, and it should be removed for inspection at least once a year and dealt with in time.

4. Always check the flexibility and reliability of each travel switch, and whether the mechanical protection block is loose or damaged.

5. The circuit fuse should be used in accordance with the regulations, and the specifications should not be changed at will. If the fuse is blown, The cause should be found out and replaced after troubleshooting.

6. Check the circuit connectors frequently to keep the connection firm and reliable.

7. Use compressed air to blow away the dust in the workstation controller and the handheld operator once every three months, so that the relays, knobs, Switches, etc. are kept clean and in good contact.


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